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My name is Paul van den Berg. I am an entrepreneur in heart and soul and, like every entrepreneur, I followed a path with ups and downs. It made me a self-aware and realistic major shareholder of TriStar. The company I’m proud of!

After a short job as an IT technician, I started in 2000 under the name JPBergICT-services. A mouth full for a young man who was going to conquer the world. I visited trade fairs for my work and so I came in contact with a supplier of cleaning agents, including for airplanes and F16s. I liked to be independent, but still let the latter seduce me. That is how I ended up as an 18-year-old. Of course I had competition from TriStar and after a while I switched. That didn’t go without a hitch, because I had a non-competition clause and a hefty claim on my pants that “we” had to deal with.

TriStar fascinated me, but the blood crept and I wanted to be independent. In 2005 I became a franchisee of the company. I did that together with two colleagues, including Mike Geutjes. In 2011 we took over the company together and in 2015 I became major shareholder.

Paul as a driving force

Over time, the company gained body. Demand rose sharply in particular through telemarketing. We scaled up production, introduced a second filling line and we started to work more efficiently. That’s of course also the challenge for an entrepreneur!

In order to get all orders to the right place on time, TriStar bought its own truck and in the meantime we pay a lot of attention to the consistent application of our corporate identity. You can see this on our truck, but also at the building and on our website, so that it is clear to everyone who we are.

ICT is in Paul’s genes: we are busy automating our order process. You can order online via the customer portal and thanks to Active Stock Management we always have the right products in stock so that we deliver immediately.


TriStar is on the move. Internally we constantly work on process optimization, quality control and delivery reliability and externally we have a focus on international expansion in the Food, Industrial and Facility markets. Clean Matters and TriStar is completely ready for the future!

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