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TriStar: One company with three divisions.

Because every market has its own characteristics and we serve everyone optimally with our sustainable cleaning agents. TriStar, because Clean Matters!


TriStar is a specialist for cleaning agents in the high-end food market. The strict hygiene requirements and the regulations are constantly changing. This requires a critical organization and specific knowledge that the people of our Food division keep up to date in detail. From day to day.


Industrial companies have a high degree of automation and mechanization. That is true at factories, but also, for example, for road cleaning or waste processing. Rapid innovation requires a learning and creative attitude. The Industrial team of TriStar is ready for you.


In our webshop you can quickly and easily order disinfectants and high-quality cleaning products for all kinds of specific applications. We regularly add new products. Ordered before 14:00, delivered the next working day! Free shipping on orders over € 250,00.
Currently only available for our Dutch customers.

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