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The TriStar management team consist of CEO Paul van den Berg, vice CEO and commercial manager Corné Endepoel, production and purchasing manager Rick van der Vliet and CFO Ad van der Wegen.

The MT sets our company objectives as well as our policy, and deals with our performance development: the establishment, control and support of an optimal and customer oriented process, with added value for our customers.

Finally the MT directs our social responsibility and monitors our actions based on our three core values: trust is the basis, who does well meets well, and do as you would be done by. We aim at not just meeting our customers expectations, but at exceeding them, with a strong focus on safety and innovations.

The management team enthusiastically builds the foundation of an organization that shows passion, and continues whereas others quit; an organization with a message for the future: “All right, we’re up for it, CLEAN.MATTERS!”

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