TriStar: One company with three divisions.

Because every market has its own characteristics and we serve everyone optimally with our sustainable cleaning agents. TriStar, because Clean Matters!


TriStar is a specialist for cleaning agents in the high-end food market. The strict hygiene requirements and the regulations are constantly changing. This requires a critical organization and specific knowledge that the people of our Food division keep up to date in detail. From day to day.


Industrial companies have a high degree of automation and mechanization. That is true at factories, but also, for example, for road cleaning or waste processing. Rapid innovation requires a learning and creative attitude. The Industrial team of TriStar is ready for you.


Today you are responsible for window cleaning and tomorrow for cleaning kitchens and canteens. The wide range of activities requires a multitude of knowledge and cleaning agents. Facility employees switch just as quickly as you do.


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‘Degreasing on shipyards’

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